Skin Care & Makeup

Each product is developed and manufactured with the common purpose of providing skin care patients healthy, beautiful skin.

Our products are developed using the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients; manufactured and tested to deliver safe, effective, results for all patient skin types. Our chemists closely monitor and control each step of product development and manufacturing in our state-of-the-art, FDA-registered manufacturing facility.

Medical-grade skin care products are designed to meet the specific demands of leading dermatologists and skin care professionals looking to improve their patients’ skin care health, in-office procedures and long-term, post-treatment care.

We are proud to create transformative skin care that delivers transformational results.

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We are committed to providing physicians and their patients innovative products that help develop and maintain great skin for life.

Elta MD products were chosen for their tolerability in even the most sensitive skin types, including patients with rosacea. There are no fragrances or other ingredients that are bothersome to sensitive skin. To order elta MD please contact The GlowMD Laser MedSpa at (540)-371-9098.

We carry

  • UV SPORT SPF  50


EltaMD sunscreens wins SIX awards in this year’s InStyle’s “Best Beauty Buys”. EltaMD UV Clear wins four awards. EltaMD UV Sport wins for Sport Sunscreen. EltaMD UV Daily wins in the Dry Skin category.

Women’s Health

Women’s Health recommends EltaMD UV Clear. Women’s Health says sunscreen is “the most important step for preserving your skin”.

Used for:  Makeup for any age and any skin type

The most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin. What Jane Iredale has developed is a true extension of skin care. The micronized mineral bases are four products in one: foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen. The minerals are non-comedogenic and oil free. We carry a full line of cosmetics, from powders to eye shadows to lip gloss.

To schedule your make up consultation please call GlowMD Laser MedSpa at (540)-371-9098.






Silky, elegant Silagen® Silicone Gel is the gold standard in post-operative care and healing.

Ideal for face and body, it is odor free, dries quickly, and is a critical treatment to normalize collagen levels, and prevent excessive (hypertrophic) scarring and the growth of extra scar tissue (keloids), following wound closure.

100% Pure Medical Grade Silicone Gel – No potentially irritating ingredients.



glowMD Laser MedSpa is happy to introduce iS Clinical products to our medical grade line of skincare. This line of superior quality cleansers, treatments, moisturizers, and sun protectants are powered by the most innovative ingredients on the market, and have been a mainstay of clinically substantiated skin care for more than a decade. The addition of reparative and preventative products represents a new generation of skincare that is easily integrated into any regime, resulting in skin that is healthier, more hydrated and uniquely shielded with advanced DNA protection.

Clinically proved produces that feature the most advanced technology and only the highest-grade ingredients available. These products encourage dramatic physiological improvements in skin health and appearance. Backed by countless independent clinical studies, the performance of these products has been well documented. The iS team consists of expert pharmacologists, geneticists, biologists and physicians who are responsible for some of today’s greatest advances in the field of skin care.

iS Clinical skin care products are designed to create incredible skin in four easy steps that fall neatly in line with glowMD Laser MedSpa’s Skin Care philosophy:

  • Cleanse
  • Treat
  • Hydrate
  • Protect

iS Clinical innovative skincare products are formulated with pharmaceutical grade, botanically based ingredients that deliver maximum efficacy and purity.  They deliver dramatic physiological improvement to the skin for visible results.


NEW at glowMD!

GENEXC SERUM is a revolutionary formula featuring our proprietary combination of Extremozymes® which are clinically proven to protect and repair fragile DNA, as they stimulate the genes associated with aging, hydration, antioxidant protection, and skin barrier function. The most powerful antioxidant we have ever tested, GENEXC SERUM contains 20% of our exclusive time-released Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid); which is formulated with a powerful combination of botanically sourced enzymes, antioxidants, and fruit acids sourced from both land and sea. These cutting-edge ingredients work synergistically to provide the most scientifically-advanced, clinically proven benefits; improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and evening the complexion, resulting in a more youthful, glowing appearance.


  • Age-defying
  • Safely brightens
  • Superior antioxidant protection
  • Helps improve overall health and integrity of the skin
  • Helps improve skin tone and elasticity
  • Supports cellular regeneration and metabolism
  • Paraben-free


Blemishes are a very common concern, affecting over 17 million Americans and 80-90% of teens worldwide. As many factors can contribute to these unsightly problems, an important first step would be to consult a skin care professional. iS CLINICAL products assist with the multiple concerns of blemish-prone skin, and are formulated to penetrate into the skin’s surface, clearing out clogged pores while gently exfoliating away pore-clogging dead skin cells, oil and debris.


ROSACEA – Flushing/Redness

One of the most concerning challenges many people face today is visual flushing, which is characterized by excessive appearance of redness in the face. iS CLINICAL products help to visually soothe skin, which can result in a noticeable reduction of flushing. Formulated with gentle, botanically-based ingredients, these products are non-irritating and non-comedogenic.

Rosacea is a widespread but often misunderstood condition that is estimated to affect more than 45 million people worldwide. Rosacea is related to hyper-responsiveness of the blood vessels in the central face and is associated with the synthesis of abnormal proteins. Triggers of the condition include alcohol, spicy foods, and sun exposure. Symptoms of rosacea include facial flushing progressing to persistent redness of the cheeks, nose, and forehead; stinging or burning of the face; and red bumps or pimples in the central facial skin.


Removes deep debris and opens clogged pores. Prepares the skin for other iS CLINICAL products. Mildly resurfaces, helps remove blackheads and whiteheads without irritation.

* Dime size amount. Lather, rinse, and pat dry all areas.


Soothes inflammation. Fights free radical damage with our highest level of antioxidant protection. Promotes skin health.

*5 Drops. Apply to clean dry skin.


Soothes inflamed skin, Reduces irritation, Hydrates without clogging pores.

*3 – 5 Drops. Apply to clean dry skin.

  • PROTECT – ECLIPSE SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Formulated specifically for daily use and extended outdoor activities. ECLIPSE SPF 50+ is a unique fusion of scientifically advanced, micronized physical sunscreens and pure vitamin E. The resulting blend provides water-resistant broad spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays-in an ultra-sheer formula that absorbs quickly for a non-greasy matte finish.

*Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure.

*Reapply at least every 2 hours.




Prevent Actinic Damage

Sun exposure causes progressive changes as skin lesions accumulate over the years: known as actinic damage. Eryfotona Actinica® helps to protect against sunburn, helps to prevent early skin aging caused by the sun and can decrease the risk of skin cancer if used with other sun protection measures.

Helps to address existing actinic damage with DNA Repairsomes® that deliver encapsulated photolyase enyzmes. Eryfotona Actinica also helps to prevent additional actinic damage with 11% zinc oxide (50+ SPF, broad spectrum UVA/UVB)

How to use

Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure. During sun exposure, reapply after 40 minutes of swimming or sweating, immediately after towel drying and at least every 2 hours.