What Can an IPL Photofacial do for Me?

Summer is right around the corner and as you start spend more time outdoors in the sun, you may notice you skin beginning to look a little dull or develop some discoloration. One of the most effective ways to refresh your look for the season is with an IPL Photofacial treatment. This procedure can be […]

May Is Melanoma Month

EltaMD Skin Care sent Poosh ( Kourtney Kardashian) complimentary UV Replenish in honor of the launch of their site and here’s what Poosh had to say. W Dermatologists and celebrities alike agree that sunscreen is one of the most important steps in your daily skincare regimen. But with so many options available at so many different SPF […]

RSVP to Our May CoolSculpting® CoolEvent!

We’re excited to host a The Dermatology Center and Glow MD Laser MedSpa staff invite you to our May CoolSculpting® CoolEvent! At a CoolEvent, you’ll join a handful of other individuals also interested in a CoolSculpting® treatment in our comfortable office. We will walk through key details about the treatment, such as how it works, […]

CoolSculpting is A NewBeauty Magazine 2019 Award Winner!

CoolSculpting NewBeauty Winner 2019

CoolSculpting has done it again! They have been awarded as the “Best Noninvasive Fat Eliminator” for 2019 by NewBeauty Magazine! This is the sixth year in a row that CoolSculpting has been chosen for this award. Interested in CoolSculpting and why it has been awarded 6 years running? Check out our CoolSculpting page to learn […]

Prodigy Peel Systems IsClinical!

NEW from Is Clinical —- iS Clinical is a scientifically advanced luxury skincare line that bridges the gap between science and beauty. iS Clinical is dedicated to producing highly effective, clinically-validated skincare products that deliver dramatic physiological improvements to the skin. The Prodigy Peel Pro System is a superficial to medium-depth peel system designed to […]

13 Ways to Help Prevent Signs of Aging in Your 40’s

Everyone stresses about retaining that youthful look as we begin to age. If you are looking to reduce the signs of aging as you enter your 40s, there are many ways to take years off of your face and body that don’t require drastic medical procedures and can help protect you from further aging. Try […]

NewBeauty Award

We Did It Again! We are proud to announce that CoolSculpting® has been awarded the NewBeauty Award for “Best Noninvasive Fat Eliminator”. Thanks to the editors of NewBeauty magazine for choosing CoolSculpting—for the 6th year in a row! It’s an honor to be recognized. Join us in sharing the great news! Best Noninvasive Fat Eliminator An easy way to […]

CoolSculpting® and Sonja Morgan Are About to Get REAL About Self-Care

CoolSculpting with Sanja Morgan

You work hard to get the body you want – but sometimes those last few inches don’t seem to move! When diet and exercise have plateaued, we have a solution: CoolSculpting®. glowMD Laser Med Spa’s CoolSculpting® treatments can help men and women who are interested in removing a few extra inches, in hard to reach places. […]

10 Tips to Prevent Signs of Aging in Your 30’s

Taking care of your skin now is critical to having healthy and youthful looking skin in the future. If you are in your 20’s or even your 30’s, it’s time to start a labor (or regimen) of love with your skin. To prevent signs of aging takes work unless you’re one of the rare women with extraordinary […]


What is Collagen P.I.N. Microneedling? The Collagen P.I.N. (Percutaneous Induction Therapeutic) microneedling device is a pen-like device that houses very fine, sterile needles. When passed over the skin, the Collagen P.I.N. creates a series of small punctures, or “micro injuries,” which effectively triggers your body’s natural healing response to injury. As we age our ability […]