Rock the Lipstick!

So…I am the person who usually stays in my comfort zone.  It takes some convincing to try something new, especially a new color on my face.  This week is a perfect example.  I like pink.  Always have.  Always will.  Any shade.  I pick PINK!  While working around the Jane Iredale make up something strange came over me. I wanted to try a red.  I know, right??  RED! Just the thought made me scared, but I was excited to see what it looked like.  I felt slightly daring and did it.  I put on the Jane Iredale “Lips On Crystal” My co-workers absolutely loved it and said, “WOW!  That is perfect for you! It’s beautiful!” I believe them. I love it, too.  I have a new confidence in myself just because of that little red tube and the response it got.  I challenge you to go outside of your comfort zone. Try a new lip color! Let us know how it works for ya!  

– SP

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